Honeypod and DigiByte have announced strategic partnership to introduce the more private, secure, and anonymous internet experience worldwide. Honeypod will begin integration of the DigiByte cryptocurrency into its infrastructure, implying an ability to carry out the transactions in DGB or HNY cryptocurrency. The users will be able to select the compensation cryptocurrency within the Honeypod platform. DigiByte users are able to pre-order the Honeypod for taking an advantage of the presented opportunity.


KuCoin Exchange has launched s feature allowing users to custody their crypto assets during the trading process. Such a step became possible after the integration of a new technology developed by Arswen, which is a startup based in Boston. The technology allows maintenance of control over the private keys by the users during the trading procedures at the centralized exchanges. The technology ensures execution of the trades with the “layer two” blockchain protocol, benefiting the traders with the speed and full liquidity of the centralized exchange order-book. Secure trading is possible through reliance on the blockchain of each specific cryptocurrency.
KuCoin has also completed of the Matrix AI Network (MAN) MainNet swap. The withdrawal and deposit functions were open to the users of the platform. The swap of MAN to MainNet Coin required the new address for the MAN MainNet wallet deposits. KuCoin has continued support of MAN tokens to the original ERC-20 address.


Bitcoin.de, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe with more than 775 thousand customers, has added Dash in its crypto-to-crypto trading. Such a process implies direct transactions in cryptocurrencies between the wallets of the users. These are the private wallets of the users, rather than the wallets installed with the platform.


Binance has made the decision to delist Bitcoin SV from the exchange based on the reviews conducted. The main factors affecting the decision included the level of commitment of the team to the project, quality and level of the development activity, smart contract or network stability, as well as the level of public communication. The delisting procedure implied failure of the coin and its team to meet the basic requirements set by the Binance platform. 

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