ProgPow - a long debated Ethereum update is voted to be deployed on the mainnet. The algorithm reduces greatly profitability of the ASIC miners. The idea behind the update is to decrease the network centralization. On the other hand the algorithm is optimized for ATI and Nvidia top tier graphic cards. In the end it is debatable if this is a win for Ethereum community or for graphic card marketologists. On the bright side - Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin was against this update because he considered ASIC mining to be a non-issue. The Ethereum community has the resilience to go against it's founder's will so this could be a sign of democratic autonomy of the system.

Nevertheless ETH is still ranked first by the Coinmarketcap new metric - the FCAS. FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score - a complex metric that represents community activity, developers activity and market maturity. Too see the FCAS of a chosen coin open it's page on Coinmarketcap and then open the Ratings tab.

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