After restructuring, the NEM Foundation focuses on its main project — Catapult. This is a planned network upgrade that should expand the blockchain, give it speed and scalability. Catapult is designed to become the main NEM engine for smart contracts and DAaps. Some of the planned innovations are below:

- aggregated transactions that will combine multiple operations into one

- detection of fraudulent activities until the moment of conducting transactions

- exchanging digital information through the platform, not only regular payments

multi-level multisig accounts

Therefore, the Foundation has entered into a partnership with an AI-start-up TheVault Ltd. for cooperation on some of the planned updates.

The token is also gradually recovering from subsidence: over the past seven days, the value of the coin has increased by 12%. Last week, an updated version of the Catapult Mobile Wallet was released.


Over the past few months, Cardano has suffered some disturbances: the team of the project has changed, as well as #ADA token state. Michael Parsons had left the position of Head of Association. Charles Hoskinson now performs his functions.

As during 2018 #ADA confidently kept the place in the top 10, this year, it lost its position and went down a couple of steps. Despite this, it keeps a stiff upper lip showing growth at 15% in the last week.

The project team is promising to update the roadmap with a new focus and milestones within the framework of the 2020 vision. We'll know the details after the IOHK summit in April.

P.S. Representatives of NEM Foundation Ukraine and the WTFBit media are in the photo.

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