Top exchanges support the upcoming Ethereum’s hard fork Constantinople. Coinbase and Kraken announced this on Twitter yesterday. Though, to a large extent, they have no options, because after the day X the old blockchain will not exist anymore. That is why Vitalik Buterin stresses that Constantinople should be called a "network upgrade" rather than a hard fork, so as not to cause unnecessary confusion since Constantinople will not create competitive chains at all.

The update should take place at the block №7,080,000, which is likely to be mined on January 16. In any case, we urge you neither panic, nor follow any scams, but wait for the upgraded ether.

Not by Ethereum alone. On January 17 a fork should happen in the EOS network — sidechain called BOS. "Born for DApps," developers say. The blockchain code is fully supported by the community of enthusiasts, which everyone can join.

Meanwhile, Ethereum Classic is recovering from a 51% attack which happened last week. Not successfully: commissions for the ETC transactions jumped by 800% in the previous day (from $ 0.71 to $ 6.10). Over the past week, cryptocurrency lost at a price of 15%.

Well, we are still summarising the results of the previous year: in 2018, the largest volume of crypto transactions was recorded on the exchanges. Compared with last year, traders bought and sold more in 2018: trade volume of the USD markets on Coinbase increased by 21%, on Bitfinex by 50%, and Kraken by 192%.

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