The end of 2018 brought us relief after a (subjectively) terrible year after Lightning Network took the stage. It is a second-layer update on-top of Bitcoin network that allows you to do a large number of transactions between addresses without registering them directly to the main blockchain. If you are interested in this topic, we recommend subscribing to the Lightning Peach channel on Telegram, a product of Bitfury.

The 10th anniversary of Bitcoin was celebrated with the Proof of Keys flashmob when people massively withdrew their crypto from exchanges. Why do this? To check if exchanges fake liquidity, that is, add more bitcoins to their balance than they are. In general, thumbs up to most platforms but HitBTC (17% portion of the market) and a couple dozen small exchanges. Even though everyone expected worse consequences, the price of BTC crossed the boundary of $4,000 with confidence and continued climbing.


The relay of developing sharding for Ethereum network sees no end. It is one of the few scaling solutions for the platform and resembles a Lightning Network for smart contracts. Meanwhile, the fork of the network, Ethereum Classic, was hit by an attack 51% facing double spendings with which the attackers stole about $500,000). 

Ethereum developers have launched a new branch on Reddit to manage hirings. If you are looking for a job or offer one, head here.

What else is bitcoing on?

Promobot robot killed by self-driving Tesla in Las Vegas. Perhaps, the long-awaited machine war has started. Let’em fight!


Post Cryptum

No PR member of the Promobot team did not get hurt.

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