The week was marked by a real sale of cryptocurrencies — preparation for the Black Friday was well under way. It seems to us that not only individual traders but also big institutions had time to stock up.

Well, about some other important news in recent days:

  1. Crypto cybercrime is gaining popularity in California through the theft of a phone number with the help of covert agents among the staff of telecommunications companies.

  2. After the Tuesday’s slump, Bitcoin hit its lowest price for the past 13 months.

  3. Peru’s Central Bank says cryptocurrencies are extremely risky due to high volatility.

  4. Siemens tests blockchain. The German concern has partnered with the Energy Web Foundation blockchain platform to find new solutions in the energy sector. Blockchain will help to establish an interaction between producers, network operators, and energy consumers.

  5. Meanwhile, JEX offers traders options on cryptocurrencies. Not bad.


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