Overall, the week turned out to be fun: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has gone through a hard-fork, and we have two separate networks since November 15th: Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BCHSV). Then the entire market sank by $20 billion, although this might not be the bottom.

Oh well. What is other important news for the past week?

1) Mining company Bitmain filed a lawsuit against… an unknown hacker who hacked their stock account and used bitcoin to perform the pump & dump scheme.

2) Major oil companies are set to launch their own blockchain platform for raw materials trading.

3) The commandment of corporations: “patent anything that has not been patented yet.

4) New York Investment Group NYDIG Execution received BitLicense from a local regulator and now has a legal right to conduct cryptocurrency-related business.

5) Binance advises users from Iran to withdraw their crypto as the currency exchange seeks to comply with the implementation of international sanctions against the country. That is the influence of international law in action.

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