Saturday. Time to share the hottest news for the last week.

1. Electronic Coin Company, the developer of the private cryptocurrency Zcash, announced the creation of a new version of the protocol with the support of sharding. According to the ambitious plans of the project creators, the network will be able to process thousands or even millions of transactions per second.

2. 98% of operations in the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision network have nothing to do with cryptocurrency, only with the weather. Over the past month, the most effective application —SV WeatherSV— generated 1,200,000 of all transactions, while the second most popular —Memo— only 9,500. There were only about a thousand from Money Button — the app related to cryptocurrencies, while for some days there were no more than ten operations.

3. Two brothers from Israel were arrested with accusations of hacking the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and conducting other phishing attacks related to cryptocurrency. According to the representative of the Israeli police, the guys "earned" illegally tens of millions of dollars.

4. Europol arrested six suspects in the theft of $27 million in Bitcoins. The attackers created websites with similar names to real trading crypto platforms and distributed fishing links to various resources. Four thousand crypto users from 12 countries became hackers' victims.

5. On March 26, the Coinbase crypto exchange stopped working for 15 minutes — there was a serious failure of the site, API and mobile applications. This happened right after Bitcoin flew down in a rapid correction — from $13,700 to $12,200. The platform was quickly restored.

6., the new service of the leading Ukrainian crypto exchange,  allows you to buy BTC, ETH, and USDT in just five clicks — even without logging into your account. To do this, you need to have only a cryptocurrency wallet. Purchases are actioned directly from any sell orders on the exchange at the market price at the moment of the deal. According to the blog of the company, the whole process will take no more than 30 seconds.

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