Crypto market has strengthened this week — Facebook news stirred the pot. As a result, Bitcoin crossed the mark of $10,000 and continues to grow steadily.

1. Estonian crypto startup Crypterium was the first to release a crypto card, which is supported by banks in all the regions of the world. Agreeing with so many banks around the world was like a pokemon game. Now the novelty is already available in Estonia, where about 5,000 customers have been able to use it. In the reviews, they noted that the product fully complies with the description and legislation of the country.

2. Ripple bought a stake in MoneyGram, providing a $50 million liquidity pool for their network. At the same time, MoneyGram will use the xRapid product based on the XRP token to make cheap cross-border payments. It is even difficult to say either crypto occupies banking or banking — crypto.

3. Facebook has published a white paper of its own cryptocurrency. It will be called Libra and used for internal payments in social networks. After this news, US lawmakers asked Facebook to temporarily stop work on the cryptocurrency until all issues with the regulator are resolved. A Senate hearing on the Libra project is scheduled for July 16.

4. Litecoin will issue a physical cryptocurrency debit card. To this end, the Litecoin fund has partnered with the Bibox exchange and the blockchain-startup Ternio. With the help of BlockCard, users can easily spend their crypto both online and offline. So Litecoin strives to achieve its goal of becoming a cryptocurrency for daily payments, and not for hodling only.

5. The insurance giant MetLife can completely change the life insurance industry, valued at $2.7 trillion using blockchain. LumenLab, a subsidiary of MetLife, has begun to use the technology to automate the insurance payments.

6. Ethereum Classic will conduct a hard fork to improve the network — this should happen on block 8772000, which will be created on September 17, 2019. Its main task is to improve interoperability between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, as well as to simplify the process of decentralized apps migration between the networks. Well, how can we now call the project that deliberately refused to fork in 2016 that broke Ethereum into two blockchains? Neoclassical?

7. And finally, Tether (#USDT) has issued the next $100,000,000. Earlier this stablecoin was already associated with heating the market, especially influencing the Bitcoin prices.

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