What do you need to know about this week in the crypto world? We have collected the most interesting/truthful/scandalous news in the weekly brief.

1. The EOS network voted and decided to lower the inflation rate from 5% to 1%. This inflation went to the eos.io fund, which was guided by the owners of the nodes, who voted to reduce inflation. Also, EOS launches Voice social network with a mandatory KYC for all users.

2. The Binance DEX Exchange has updated the rules for using its service with a list of jurisdictions whose residents are prohibited from using the platform. North Korea, Albania, Belarus, the Crimea, the United States, and another 20 countries are in it. However, their filter works with IP, so bypassing this "lock" is extremely easy.

3. Trust Wallet has become the official cryptocurrency wallet of the Binance DEX decentralized trading platform. Thus, the company allows users to trade on the platform and at the same time, be confident in the security of their funds.

4. The main newsmaker of the last days is the ex-CEO of the bankrupt MtGox exchange, Mark Carpeles. First, he decided to start everything from scratch and launch a new blockchain project. Secondly, he has already been appointed for the position of CTO at the Japanese blockchain firm Tristan Technologies. Crypto fellows do not want to play with Mark anymore - all commentators of such news say that he creates a bad reputation for the industry.

5. Hackers have compromised almost 100 Ripple Ledger wallets via GateHub's #XRP service. It is said that $10,000,000 was lost due to the attacks of June 1 and 5. The attackers have already managed to "launder" the crypto through various exchanges and mixers.

News from Ukraine

1. A petition on the announcement of May 30 as the Day of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Ukraine was registered on the President’s website. Why this particular day? On May 30, the Electronic Karbovanets celebrates its birthday: the first block of the first cryptocurrency in Ukraine was created in 2016. You can sign it here.

2. NBU has published the electronic hryvnia trials results. Long story short, the business model requires more negotiations with market participants, but the bank is interested in further exploring the possibility of issuing such a currency.

3. And in Kropyvnytskyi, MLM-business is being developed on a mining farm. Be careful!


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