This week the crypto society was dreaming about $9000 per Bitcoin, discussing the Bitcoin Cash problems and watching governments trying to regulate the crypto. We have collected the most interesting news in this brief to keep you informed.

1. In the Bitcoin Cash network, something unbelievable is happening. First, the hackers stole $1,300,000 in BCH. Then the two largest mining pools and agreed between themselves to carry out a 51% attack and made changes as before the hack. The Bitcoin Cash community is shocked. On the one hand, because "aah! we were hacked," and on the other hand, "the code is the law, and we have some constitutional arbitrariness." Who knows what is worse — the vulnerability in the protocol or the 51% attack by the two largest mining pools.

2. When, at the beginning of this week, the bitcoin price broke the current maximum again, the South Korean government gathered for an emergency meeting to discuss options of crypto regulation. They have agreed to monitor fraud and pyramid-like schemes closely because they bear the risk of loss for investors.

3. Meanwhile, the Korean crypto enthusiasts are moving from crypto exchanges to the p2p platform LocalBitcoins, whose trade volume has reached a new historical maximum in the last week. Thus, Koreans demonstrate complete indifference to the government’s attempts to regulate their crypto activity.

4. Finally the news from #NEO ($12,45): the project updates the main net on June 3rd. Usually, such events increase the price of the coin. On the other hand, the update deals only with the fees for large transactions. The organization hopes that such giants as YouTube, Alipay and Tencent will join the Neo network because the updated blockchain will be able to support even them. Yeah, wish you luck.

5. Telegram officially released a test client for its TON network. Those who wish can download and test the TON blockchain, create smart contracts and check how everything works.

6. The Ethereum dev portal ConsenSys released a guide for the dapps developers. The document contains relevant courses and tools in the main programming languages (JS, Python, and Solidity), as well as a guide to smart contracts, tokens, consensus algorithms, cryptography, etc.

And some news from Ukraine:

1. Pavlo Kravchenko from Distributed Lab announced a course on blockchain and crypto.

2. Kyiv City State Administration presented the Kyiv Smart City app. The goal is to reduce the contact between residents and officials or public utilities while maintaining a high level of service delivery.

3. On June 4th large-scale AI Conference will be held in Kyiv. The event will focus on the use of artificial intelligence in business and will bring together leading industry experts.

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