White hackers doing good jobs, Craig Wright can become the father of Bitcoin and the new president of Ukraine presented a vision of the program "State in the smartphone". Most important news of the world and Ukraine for the last 7 days.

1. After the Cryptopia Exchange elimination process started last week, hackers seem to have felt relieved and began moving stolen crypto to new addresses. CoinFirm analysts tracked the transfers worth more than $7,5 million between 4 accounts.

 On May 20, small amounts were sent from one of the accounta to dozens of different addresses, some of which turned out to be crypto exchanges.  The bottom line, everyone is curious to see how the stolen $16 million are spent, but nobody can do anything about it.

2. Nevertheless, white hackers  worked hard over the past 2 months and have earned $32 000 in bounties while searching for bugs in blockchain projects. The management of at least 15 firms will have a better sleep now , including EOS, Tron, Aeternity and OmiseGo. For the past year, white hackers earned $878 000 in the same way, anda third of that money was paid by Coinbase.

3. Craig Wright has recently filed an application in the US Patent Office claiming he is Satoshi Nakamoto and registered a copyright on the Bitcoin white paper. As a result, BSV has doubled, and on some exchanges even tripled. Even so, it is just a claim by the applicant not the bureau, as respected media sources noted.

4. Telegram will launch its TON blockchain in Q3 of 2019. Multiple sources inforned that the company had raised $1,7 billion twice in a row and had successfully tested its innovative technology. Among key features of TON will be mobile payments between users, censorship-resistant sites, and blockchain-based ID for the users.

5. Facebook does not lag behind and has registered a secret crypto company Libra Networks in Switzerland. According to the official application, the firm will provide services in the field of finance and technology.  Earlier, Facebook has patented the "Libra" trademark at the American Bureau of the USPTO. Big news are coming. Rumors tell we might have the Facebook Coin in the end of 2019 - beginning of 2020.

6. Malta awarded 19 scholarships to students studying distributed ledger technology for a total of  €160,000. Right: investment in education is the best one.

News from Ukraine

7. The new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, gave a speech at iForum conference on May 23, referring to blockchain as one of the promising tech the country needs.

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