You can easily shoot the series "Game of Blockchains" about the crypto market. Take, for example, the history of the top 10 coins, add ups and downs of ICO-projects, show the venture investors' search or a better fate and attempts to escape from the iron arm of SEC, mention the mysterious personality of Satoshi Nakamoto ... and the story is ready! Well, so far we've prepared the traditional digest of the top news for this week.

1. Ethereum co-founder Vitaliy Buterin and TRON founder Justin Sun from time to time poke each other with statements on Twitter. However, it did not stop the latter from announcing that TRON will "officially cooperate" with Ethereum this year. Sun also said that competition brings the best product, so the company will collaborate with many Ethereum developers as well as with the Ethereum-based projects.

2. Game over so to speak. The Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX is bankrupt. The company says that after the death of the founder they lost the access to crypto wallets, on which clients' funds were stored. However the consulting firm Ernst & Young, after conducting an audit, said that since April last year no activity was detected in those wallets. There is also no trace of 26,000 BTCs that the crypto exchange owes its users.

3. A crypto businessman from Mexico was sentenced to two-year imprisonment and deprivation of illegally obtained income. That's because the man sold cryptocurrencies on his own unlicensed exchange without AML and KYC. So, he wasn't interested in either any information about the customer, or the source of their money. And unlicensed institutions "threaten the integrity of the financial system of the United States".

4. Coinbase has issued its own Visa debit card, which allows clients to spend cryptocurrencies as easily as fiat money. The card is tied to the Coinbase account, which makes it possible to pay in shops or on the Internet with BTC, ETH, LTC and others. Now, cards are available only to UK clients.

5. The US supermarket chain Albertsons has joined the IBM Food Trust, a blockchain platform for tracking the supply chain between retailers and suppliers. Initially, they are going to start with the delivery of the Romaine lettuce (which last year caused the distributor of the E-coli virus), but later they will extend this scheme to other products as well.

6. And finally, an artificially-intelligent piece of news. EOS (not that one, but the Earth Observing System) announced the EOS platform, which would help Ukrainian agribusiness to monitor land status and their situation thanks to data from satellites. Through the  AI-conducted analysis, farmers will be able to optimise their work and costs and identify critical areas for development.

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