An old crypto proverb says that someone's bitcoins grow fast. Especially when you did not buy crypto on the red market and now sit like Khatiko and wait for the correction. Cryptocurrency took a direction to the moon, and we have gathered the most interesting news for a week. Fasten your seat belts — it's time to take off.

1. Even though trading volumes reached the historical peak (according to  CoinMarketCap), analysts say that in the first quarter of 2019 the ICO market is 58 times down, compared to the same period in 2018. Crypto startups have raised not a lot, but not a little - about $118 million since January. The Wall Street Journal notes that investors are scared by the actions of regulators, so they are not up to investing in new projects.

2. Following Facebook, VKontakte is considering creating its own cryptocurrency. Probably it will be used as one of the ways to offer an incentive to users. In exchange for their activity and time spent on the platform, they will be charged with coins that can be accumulated, transferred to other users, exchanged for goods and converted through VK Pay.

3. You can continue joking about Ripple, but what's the reason if Coinbase launches free XRP and USDC-based service. There is no fee for making transfers between Coinbase clients. And there's a small fee for processing a transaction on the network for sending funds outside the exchange.

4. PayPal is seriously working on blockchain-based services. The company patented the idea of accelerating crypto operations and keeps working on a project to encourage its staff with tokens. Now PayPal is also investing in the Cambridge Blockchain startup. The main goal of the cooperation is online digital identification without intermediaries.

5. While "too-the-moon adepts" are screaming out loud about the digital assets market revival, Bloomberg writes that these are the bots' tricks. An unexpected bounce of Bitcoin might have been triggered by a $100 million deal on three largest exchanges - Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp. The bots "caught" the trend and began active trades, which led to general market growth.

6. The number of bitcoin google-searches is increasing. According to Google Trends, the peak popularity of the term in the world (it's 100 points) is observed in Nigeria. The Netherlands, South Africa and Austria follow. California is the most interested in cryptocurrency state in the USA.

7. The Israeli company Perion Network has acquired the Ukrainian startup Septa Communications for $3.75 million. The project is called Captain Growth and it’s an AI that can analyse ads and manage clients in a few clicks. We hope that our presidential candidates are not aware of this development yet.

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