A quite stable week for the cryptomarket was full of events. Traditionally, we make a selection of the most important Ukrainian and world news in our brief.

1. The Turkish operator Turkcell has presented a blockchain platform for managing personal data. The introduction of ID management should provide users with control over their personal information and privacy. This is a victory over the arbitrariness of our data owners (but not yet).

2. Russia sent a request for the extradition of the crypto fraud  Alexander Vinnik. He was the one the owner of BTC-e exchange, who was accused of fraud and laundering of $4 billion in cryptocurrencies.

3. The Central Bank of Bahrain launched the first crypto exchange, which passed its "regulatory sandbox". Rain has gone through the proper inspections and received a certificate for trading #BTC, #ETH and #LTC.

4. Monero crypto mining service Coinhive closes due to non-profitability. The company failed to withstand last year's market crash and a #XMR price drop of 85%.

5. Constantinople and St. Petersburg successfully took place in the Ethereum network. The first update reduced the remuneration for the mining, while the second one cancelled one of the previous updates. Currently, about 26% of network clients use an updated version of the software. All these steps are part of a large-scale plan for switching the system to PoS.

And about the news in Ukraine.

6. The National Bank has completed a pilot project for the launch of e-hryvnia —  a digital currency based on the blockchain. E-hryvnia will minimise the cost of transferring funds and carry out transactions almost immediately.

7. Cryptocurrency exchange Kuna launched a new function — Kuna Code. This is an option for transferring funds between users without commissions. You can create a code in any currency (fiat and crypto). Kunakods are nominal, and therefore safe. It's easier to give someone a crypto present;)

8. A blockchain smartphone Finney is already available in Ukraine. The innovative device has a built-in crypto wallet supporting bitcoins, Ethereum-based tokens and SRN tokens, and uses the distributed ledger to protect user data. The gadget is available on the company's official website. Prices start at $ 999.

9. Ukrainian oncologists and IT specialists have developed a program for diagnosing cancer with artificial intelligence. Its main task is to analyse patient data and to diagnose mistakes. The authors of the application hope that the program will help reduce the number of medical errors in Ukraine.

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