This week Bitcoin stubbornly tried to punch the $4000 mark: it even succeeded several times, but not for so long. The seven-day run ends with a bit lower prices, though. Read about other, not less important, news in our brief.

1. The Blockstream team has released a test version of the multi-signature algorithm based on the Schnorr signatures for bitcoin on GitHub. Well, the work on this update for the main cryptocurrency has been underway for a long time. The solution should increase the scalability and privacy of the bitcoin transactions.

2. Coinbase acquired the Italian blockchain startup Neutrino. The analytical firm will help the crypto exchange to prevent thefts, investigate hacks and attacks, and detect suspicious transactions. Also, thanks to cooperation with Neutrino, the company plans to add more cryptocurrencies and functions to its services, in compliance with current laws and regulations.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 has been released — a smartphone with the Samsung Knox function. A cold wallet for private crypto keys is embedded in a gadget. Pre-order on phones is already open.

4. In Malta, all educational certificates will be kept on the blockchain, the local media MaltaToday reports. The government signed a two-year contract with the Learning Machine software company to implement the pilot project.

5. An Irish company will host the auction on February 28, where the money seized by the Belgian police will be under the hammer. $430,000 in crypto - #BTC, #BCH #BTG - were taken from drug dealers who traded in DarkNet.

6. In Ukraine, the "big three" mobile operators (Kyivstar, Lifecell, Vodafone) have announced the launch of their NB-IoT networks — a modern standard for data transmission for "smart" devices. In this way, mobile operators are involved in the development of new promising tech — Internet things (IoT).

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