A stable week at the crypto market. Probably, this period will be remembered as "standing on thirty-six hundred" in history. But this is not all news for today; we have prepared for you a report on the main events in recent days.

1. The New Hampshire Administrative Committee has passed the bill on the possibility of paying taxes in crypto. If the law is adopted, then New Hampshire will become the second state after Ohio where state agencies will accept bitcoin as payments.

2. Binance Coin (#BNB) reached the all-time high in bitcoin-denominated value and entered the top 10. It's a success. But the price in USD value is still far from ATH, in January 2018 token's price exceeded $24, today it is about $9.

3. Coinbase wallet users can now back up private keys on Google Drive or iCloud. They were able to store seed phrases in the cloud storage before. This idea has been criticised as a potential vulnerability to hackers.

4. This month, NASDAQ will add BLX and ELX to its services — Bitcoin and Ethereum liquidity indexes. Brave New Coin's current census data will be updated every 30 seconds.

5. Two years ago, executive director of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon said that bitcoin is a fraud. Today, the bank is working on its own JPM Coin to speed up international payments.

6. According to a study of the UK Deep Knowledge Analytics, Ukraine is in the list of AI development leaders outside Silicon Valley. According to Clutch, 28 Ukrainian companies are supplying solutions for artificial intelligence, compared with 226 companies around the world.

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