The week began with a significant fall but ended in green. After all the fluctuations, the cryptomarket even sees modest gains.

And we have collected the most important news for you in the past few days.

1. Intrigues, investigations, gossips: in the Coinlab's lawsuit against Mt.Gox, the amount of the claim was increased from $75 million to $16 billion. A short synopsis of the case: Mt.Gox was the world's first hacked cryptocurrency exchange, Coinlab was its partner, that had to process their client base in Japan. The current (possible) amount of the claim equals to 0.3% of Japan's GDP.

2. Facebook expands the crypto department and hires people from different startups. Most of the Chainspace project developers, a decentralised network of smart contracts, will now work in the crypto department of the largest social media, which allegedly creates a stablecoin for the WhatsApp Messenger.

3. LedgerX introduced a new product: LedgerX Halving Contract derivatives — LXHC. This is a derivatives contract that is designed for the future when the cost of the bitcoin mining remuneration will split into half (it happens every four years). This contract will allow the miner to receive a fixed payment if the halving block number 630,000 will be mined until the set date and time. If the block is mined later, the value of the contract at the time equals to zero. Gambling games for miners — get everything or nothing.

4. Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) has joined the R3 consortium and will use its Corda platform to develop blockchain solutions and applications. Corda is used to transferring data and digital assets between businesses, more than 300 companies are already operating on the platform.

5. The Palestinian military-political group Hamas, which the U.S. government deems a terrorist organisation, may use the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange to raise funds. This week, the Israeli blockchain-analytics firm Whitestream has identified several addresses of bitcoin-wallets, which are considered to be the requisites for donations on official Hamas channels in social media.

6. Ukrainian PrivatBank put the real estate worth 5.6 million UAH up for blockchain-auction: 17 non-residential objects in the city of Dnipro will be available for purchase at the CETAM platform. Bidding is scheduled for February 20, 2019.

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