The crypto market has spent the last week on swings: it overcame the fall, then returned to the usual trend again. Understanding the crypto trends is not that easy, therefore we would rather provide you with the most important blockchain-news from Ukraine and the world.

1) UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, are working on creating a bank-targeted cryptocurrency. Its main function will be to facilitate cross-border payments. In addition, the authorities want to analyze the impact of cryptocurrencies on financial markets.

2) Wyoming is going to adopt a law that classifies crypto as property. The positive side of it is that the banks will be able to work with crypto without creating the loopholes. The negative side is taxes and inheritance.

3) BitFury hired two people to take leading positions: a new CEO for the Crystal Blockchain project (this is an analytical tool for investigating public blockchain transactions) and a new head of software sales.

4) Telegram plans to launch TON blockchain platform and the #Gram token in March of this year. The platform is 90% ready, the test network is running, and will be tested for errors and vulnerabilities in February.

5) Two other crypto firms have received the desired BitLicense from the New York financial regulator, namely Robinhood and LibertyX. The latter, by the way, plans to make the purchase of bitcoin through traditional ATMs possible.

Meanwhile in Ukraine:

6) Ukrainian Blockchain Association together with Distributed Lab, Pandora Boxchain, Kuna Exchange, Remme, Atticlab and Blocksoftlab has developed a two-course educational project. The goal is to fill the developers’ deficit in the crypto-exchange business sector in Ukraine.

7) From January 29 to 31, the first crypto-trading marathon Startup Nation & Endor - 1st Cryptotrade Battle by Algowave - will take place in Kyiv. The best traders of Ukraine will compete in their skills and professionalism. A special commission will select the winners. The criterion for evaluation will be not the amount of money earned, but their percentage.

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