The Christmas week began with growth: bitcoin crossed the mark of $4 000.... and it finishes with correction. And as always, we have picked the most interesting news for you.

1) Another five Japanese companies joined the self-regulated Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA), namely Coincheck, Everyone's Bitcoin, Lastroots Inc., LVC Corporation and Coinage Corporation. JVCEA was formed in April 2018 in response to the January breakdown of the Coincheck Exchange with a loss of $534 million. Currently, the association has more than 20 platforms.

2) NEM Foundation in Argentina has signed a memorandum of understanding with the local journalists' union. Its purpose is to develop a blockchain solution for the protection of intellectual property. The authors will be able to download their content to the blockchain, where it will have its QR-code and digital signature, which will serve as an additional guarantee for the author in case of a dispute.

3) The Pakistani company Telenor Microfinance Bank and its two subsidiaries are launching an international payment service on the Ali Pay crypto platform. Reportedly, its primary goal will be to increase the speed and efficiency of money transfers between Pakistan and Malaysia.

4) The US Department of Energy has allocated a grant of $ 4.8m to develop new technologies, including blockchain. The department of fossil energy resources announced the funding.

5) The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), like the Star Wars division, has declared that now every node that "offer information services to the public using blockchain technology" has to register. Otherwise, fines from 5,000 yuan ($ 737) to 30,000 yuan ($ 4,422) will be applied. The law will come into force on February 15. Here comes the anonymity.

6) “Segodnya” publishing house interviewed the experts about the future of crypto in Ukraine —  the issues of its regulation and legalisation. Most of the respondents believe that there is no sense to wait for a new take-off period of bitcoin in 2019, but there is a high probability of projects that will implement the technology of blockchain.

7) In an interview with “Fakty” publishing house, Mykhailo Chobanyan, the founder of CryptoRus fund of social innovations and development and the first Ukrainian public exchange of crypto assets, is trying to dispel the myths about crypto, to understand how blockchain will help our country and individual projects, and also tells how he sees the crypto future of Ukraine.

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