The week started with growth and ends with growth, although there was a rapid correction between it. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of news.

1) The US Congress is trying to find ways to prevent Iran from releasing its own cryptocurrency, because, as they believe, such an initiative is just a way to avoid economic sanctions, like Venezuela.

2) Japanese company GMO ceases to produce mining equipment due to significant financial losses in the fourth quarter of 2018. Good decision. We wish AMD and Nvidia to follow the same path.

3) Bank of America (BoA) patents a blockchain system to facilitate cash handling. Why blockchain? That is how the bank is going to solve the problem of ineffective "communication" among different departments. By the way, the total number of patent blockchain applications from BoA exceeded 50.

4) Japanese financial group Mizuho is going to release its own digital currency for money transfers and payments — stablecoin, tied to Yen. The main advantage for users is the minimum fees. Reportedly, 60 local banks are going to join the initiative. A kind of flashback to J-Coin, the creation of which was discussed last year.

5) Criminal section: hacking again, wallet again. Electrum phishing attack: When you try to send bitcoins, you see a warning that you need to upgrade the software and the links to the version of the scammers. They have already lured out 243 #BTC.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine…

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