The week marked the end of the New Year's sale of crypto. The market was growing like a year ago, with Bitcoin has even reached the mark of $4 000, but for a short period. Saturday has brought correction.

Now let's get to the news.

1) Last Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution to stimulate the use of blockchain in logistics. Private blockchains now could be used to track the delivery of goods, cashless settlements, automatic reports generation and online storage of contracts.

2) Even the Iranian government has acknowledged that the integration of blockchain into the country's economic infrastructure is halal-ish and brings economic growth. Officials noted that blockchain should simplify bureaucratic procedures and that the government is aiming at supporting blockchain initiatives in the private sector.

3) The Government of South Korea is testing blockchain in marine logistics. One of the country's largest ports will become a test site for the technology. The main idea is to increase transparency between the parties in the process of delivery, ensure the exchange of information in real time, and to optimise the import and export of goods.

4) Popular Ledger hardware wallets can now be purchased with crypto. Well, it's logical. For this, Ledger has partnered with Hong Kong's company. Pay will be integrated into the Ledger online store, where customers will be able to make purchases using the Wallet app.

5) Facebook is preparing to launch its crypto in the WhatsApp Messenger. It will be a stablecoin with the focus on the Indian market. The development is at an initial stage, so it's too early to talk about the release date of the cryptocurrency.

6) Ukrainian Bitcoin exchange Kuna has presented a mobile app update. From now on, new ways to replenish and withdraw currency, such as Advanced Cash and Kuna Code will be available to users. Besides, Kuna Code will allow the transfer of assets not only among the users of the exchange but also outside of it.

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