Cryptowinter continues, but there are glimpses of light from time to time. The week brought some news about stablecoins: Basis did not withstand the pressure from regulators, so, the project is closing, while Ukraine is working on launching crypto hryvnia.

1. Eight teams are now developing Ethereum 2.0 with sharding and PoS consensus at a time. It gives hope that at least one will succeed. Ethereum 2.0 will reportedly have a more ambitious agenda that dates back to 2014 and implies fundamental changes to the platform.

2. EOS DApps have lost $1 million last month due to hacking attacks. The experts of Blockchain Truth claim the attacks were possible due to vulnerabilities of applications, not the network's bugs. Looks as the DpOS crisis and the cancellation of different transactions was not enough.

3. Winklevoss brothers have launched Gemini mobile app for crypto trading. Apart from the usual functions like buying/selling/ comparing graphs, it will also allow purchasing a ready-made portfolio—a crypto basket that will distribute them in proportion to their market share.

4. Hyperledger welcomes new entrants, including a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Alibaba Cloud, a transnational financial corporation Citi, and a telecom holding company Deutsche Telekom. To remind you, Hyperledger is a project from Linux Foundation, whose goal is to support the joint development of distributed ledger networks.

5. STO platform TokenSoft has acquired a share in Marpine Securities LLC, a regulated broker. Not only fiat purchases crypto, but blockchain projects buy traditional businesses as well.

6. Meanwhile, Ukraine considers the possibility of issuing crypto hryvnia. The National Bank is already testing its cryptocurrency. It will be a stablecoin tied to the hryvnia in a 1:1 exchange rate. The functionality of crypto hryvnia will be more comprehensive, which will make it alternative legal tender that will allow receiving various additional services.

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