1) The Chinese insurance company Ping An will make its Chinese Ripple for transactions with banks on the basis of its own DLT platform. The idea is to allow the participating bank to verify customers’ credentials based on transaction history and purchase order status so that medium-sized businesses can borrow money using future payments as collateral.

2) On December 3, Bitcoin network upgraded the complexity of mining, which dropped by 15%. It is the second greatest decline in the complexity of mining in history. That is due to the fact that in China, the previous generation of ASIC machines (Antminer T9, Antminer S7, Avalon A741) has reached its shutdown price and started working at a loss because of the market crash. Therefore, they are now sold for weight.

3) Hyperledger introduced the cryptographic library. Ursa is a step from individual protocols to a single library, that is, a way to ease the process of creating new blockchain projects. The library will also help reduce the number of bugs, and most of the code will be stored in one place and checked by security experts, including those who work on their own Hyperledger projects, as well as cryptographers with the appropriate education.

4) Pump-and-dump schemes account for $7 million in monthly bids. Therefore, the researchers learned to detect them in advance. Special algorithms can now recognize pump-and-dump scams before they happen. Wow, we now look forward to the results of such checks.

5) Swiss Post and Swisscom will launch a joint private blockchain for the secure exchange of data within Switzerland. The new infrastructure is a private blockchain operated by two entities. Its key goal is to provide a service that stores all data within Switzerland and meets the security requirements of banks.

6) Ukrainian law firm Juscutum has launched the AILO bot for legal consultations in the cryptosphere. The chatbot works on the basis of artificial intelligence, allowing legal services for blockchain companies. The technology allows offering jurisdictions, drawing up various investment contracts, and conducts Howey and Scam tests.

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