The week was marked by market fluctuation. The claimant to the throne in the war of forks Satoshi Vision managed to climb to 7th place in the top 10 and soon lost the gained position.

Interesting? Then let’s move on.

1) Bitcoin slipped below $4000 while EOS surpassed Bitcoin Cash in capitalization and took the 4th place in the rating for a while. Stellar has suffered the most losing more than 20% on Tuesday.

2) Ohio becomes the first state where you can officially pay taxes with bitcoin. The payments will be processed via BitPay that will convert bitcoins to dollars for the Treasurer’s office. The facility is available only for businesses for now, but Ohio lawmakers plan to make it available to individuals in the future.

3) Shitcoins with low liquidity are the basis of pump-and-dump. Therefore, Hong Kong Stock Exchange OKex carried out another wave of delisting of trading pairs due to weak liquidity. However, officials have decided to add new stablecoins, four of which appeared simultaneously last month.

4) A popular decentralized social network Steemit was forced to fire 70% of its employees following the crypto market crash. The platform is reportedly prioritizing cost reduction strategies, calling the whole process structural reorganization.

5) The world's most famous crypto exchange Coinbase adds Zcash (#ZEC) to its Pro platform. Go liquidity! Zcash offers transparent and shielded transaction types, showing different amounts of information about a particular transaction. Shielded transactions are anonymized, while transparent ones are traceable, similar to bitcoin.

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