Know Your Tech

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. For the last years, we’ve seen ups and downs in emerging tech (and interest to it). We’ve also witnessed hype, misinformation, and just too much junk. Therefore, we decided to dedicate this page for a quick dive-in into the topics that ignite you.

Blockchain without Bullshit: a How-to Guide

WTFBit Media started with a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Read the basics about these at CoinDesk’s Blockchain 101. You will then realize that you are curious to learn more, so the ultimate list of resources from a Bitcoin veteran Jameson Lopp will become handy.

Later, it will become apparent that it is about disruptive tech and a new mindset. To cut the clutter, watch videos by Andreas Antonopoulos and plunge into the real value of decentralization and learn about the new role of money.

IoT: The Internet of Everything

We are going to lead you towards the Industrial Revolution 3.0. Highlights of the industry in connection to blockchain will be added here shortly.

An Intelligent Guide to Artificial Intelligence

How statistics allowed machine learning and a claim for creating artificial intelligence. Will be available soon.

Biotech: Live Long the Human

A bit later you will learn how biotech changes us daily and what to keep an eye on.