Our regular #RoadToAdoption (RTA)​ rubric is going to introduce you to some of the key people in the blockchain industry. They ideate, build and deliver crucial parts for tomorrow’s global infrastructure. We take off with the interview with Olena Vlasiuk, co-founder and CEO of Titanium Labs Inc.

  1. Olena, please tell us about yourself. What did you do before you started working on blockchain?

Below is my short career path:

  • August 2010: Project Manager at MasterOfCode
  • September 2013: Head of development offices at MasterOfCode
  • November 2014: COO at MasterOfCode (Head Count: 120)
  • December 2015: Managing Director of the Dnepr Luxoft Branch (Head Count: 500+)
  • May 2017: CEO, co-founder of TopLab Inc. (hardware, embedded development)
  • April 2018: CEO, co-founder of Titanium Labs Inc. (blockchain development)

I've been in the industry of software development since 2010, so the development of classic web and mobile apps has always been the closest to me. We’ve tried different fields and technologies, and even worked in the area of IoT and embedded tech.

  1. What prompted you switching to learn and develop DLT?

For me it was a business-driven decision: there is a demand, therefore we went for it. Moreover, the benefits of blockchain for business are evolutionary.

  1. Tell about own bottlenecks on the way to understand blockchain technology.

I think that in order to understand blockchain, you have to start thinking differently: get rid of traditional programming patterns and start thinking blockchain-like. I am still in the process, the years of development for other networks are still showing.

  1. What is Titanium Labs?

Titanium Labs is a part of the Titanium Group, which also includes  Titanium Technologies, Titanium Software, Future Block and Titanium Blockchain. In fact, we are their Ukrainian R&D center. Our main focus is the full range of blockchain development services. We have our own accelerator for the blockchain startups.

  1. Could you share some use cases or ready products? If not under NDA, of course.

With pleasure. *smiles* Here are some examples of the projects we’ve worked on.

BidiPass is a new approach to authenticating people and objects. BidiPass is a decentralized ecosystem for secure online user authentication using BidiKey technology. This is an analog of a global passport that allows users to safely conduct financial and business transactions, sign legal documents, and do many other things. The application uses a two-way encryption system that enables user authentication and human-machine verification, protecting both buyers and sellers from any fraudulent activity. BidiKey can also be used instead of boarding passes and entrance tickets to various events.

CoinJanitor is the world's first project for crypto coins utilization. By buying failed coins, CoinJanitor gives their owners the chance to recover some of their waste funds and reuses the potential of dead coins by creating new tools using data, code, and other relevant assets.

Fund Fantasy is a blockchain platform, which will be useful for those who like to play with crypto conversions and earn money at the same time. A user collects a certain set of digital money and predicts their behavior. The more you do it, the more wins you get. Why precisely this platform? Because everything is transparent, open, it is not about gambling or bets, at least that’s what Fund Fantasy intends to do in the online trading market.

  1. Technical question: what are the technologies you work with?

Here is the list:

  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Neo
  • Aion
  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Wanchain
  • Waves
  • Quorum
  • Cardano
  1. What is the current demand in the market?

Demand for the blockchain is growing, as well as the need for developers. There are developers who write Solidity smart contracts on Ethereum, but those who work with other platforms — Cardano, Neo, RSK, etc. — are needed most. Private blockchain development is also highly valued, so Hyperledger developers in demand as well.

  1. Do you explain clients everything from scratch, or are they already tech-savvy?

It rarely happens that we have to explain from scratch since the company has already decided to develop something on blockchain. Hence, they are likely to have already carried out the necessary research and know what they want. But quite often we need to pivot raw business ideas after validation.  

  1. How do you actually find customers?

It’s a difficult task. *smiles* In fact, this is a hard work of marketing and sales departments. Personally, we benefit from recommendations, work in our accelerator ecosystem and participation in relevant conferences as speakers.

  1. What would you wish to prospective clients?

Rethink your desire to develop something despite the hype around the tech, and answer this question: “How can this help your business?”

  1. Do you believe in Bitcoin?

Yes, and we believe in blockchain too. *smiles*

Connect with Titanium Labs Inc and follow them on Facebook. By the way, they have their own Blockchain Academy.

WTFBit Media writes about blockchain and emerging technologies in simple way, with humor. We also work with diverse clients helping them effectively deliver the message to their audience.

WTFBit Media writes about blockchain and emerging technologies in a simple way, with humor. We also work with diverse clients helping them effectively deliver the message to their audience.